As we prepare for the concerts, we seek partnerships with local communities and Christians to spiritually prepare in unity and prayer. Our concerts are not intended to be isolated events, but to be integrated into sustainable refugee and integration work on site. We want our brothers and sisters who are already committed to refugees to encourage those who have the desire to help support this effort. Can you imagine your community as a place where refugees find a new home and find a new relationship with Jesus?

With the arrival of many refugees in Germany, the mission field of the Muslim world is literally at our doorstep. In Summer 2016 and 2017 we took a tour with "Symphony of Nations" through several states to visit some of the larger refugee shelters and to play music for them.

YOUR PARTnership


Without networking it won’t work out. We are looking for partners in every city:

Who is interested in the project? Where could we support christian initiatives and churches with our concert? We look for partners in prayer and people who join us in the refugee homes. Maybe you can host us a couple of days in your city? Or get the permits for playing a concert? We also need logistical support and help to set up our equipment and so on. We are also open for artists and musicians who want to participate.

If it is on your heart to support us through prayer or finances or practical help, we look forward to welcoming you as our PARTNER.

















His son came in the summer and joined our tour around refugee camps in Germany and Greece. After this we visited Baghdad again beginning of 2018, to teach music, record a CD, help them with their work among refugees and do a seminar about worship with their worship team.


We have big respect and fear of the Lord in this journey. Since the beginning of SoNs we wanted to offer this school and this year God opened the door for us. We are joyfully anticipating, how God will still use this connection.

In February 2017 we had an opportunity to visit a church in Baghdad, Iraq, where we joined their ministry among muslim people in refugee camps outside of Baghdad. It was a life changing experience and we saw how much God is using people who are ready to serve him. Worship and prayer in unity is the most powerful tool to bring God's glory and freedom to any place in the world. We had a great connection with a local pastor and his family.

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