On the 17th of July we plan an open-air-concert in Český Těšín. This will be a re-unification with former members as well as playing with new members. We expect many to come, providing them with a diverse sound experience. In the weeks before and after we continue our refugee tour. (more at Projects)

In the beginning of 2018 Jaro and Clemens went again to Baghdad. For four weeks they could play and teach music there. More informations and some visuals you find at Projects.

Since December 2017 Jaro has a job at the AVC. That’s not only good news for him, but also we hope to be able to do new and bigger projects in cooperation with them. Also we are glad about the support of AVC for existing projects.

At our tour in Juli 2017 we enjoyed new members. Danny from Baghdad was singing arabic songs and we put in our own accompaniment. Katie’s cousin Sam from the USA was also supporting us on the drums. We’ve been touring for over three weeks, starting at the AVC Greece and then going on with refugee homes in Germany. Our new contacts and new members have all been ready for doing a great job and we hope to further invest into it.

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